Martin Tithonium
Alternate Formats: RTF TXT
I was given my first computer when I was 6. I got bored with it and taught myself to program. In high school, I met the Internet. In college I ended up doing some web development for money. Everything else follows from that.

For the past several years, I have focused on backend Rails API applications, supporting Angular frontends.
I've done everything from data model design through API negotiation, as well as bi-directional ETL for legacy synchronization.
Senior Software Developer
Fuel Talent
Contracted to Smartsheet
Bellevue, WA
  • General Ruby/Rails Development
    Security defect mitigation
    Code cleanup
Software Architect
CUSO Financial Services
(acquired Orcas Net)
Seattle, WA / San Diego, CA
  • Ruby architecture and development
    Service architecture and planning
    API design and negotiation
    Definition of software development standards
    Development of high-level application systems
    Data model definitions
    Data translation libraries
    Data migration, pipelining, and synchronization systems
  • Go development
    Backend data synchronization processes
Senior Software Developer
Orcas Net
Seattle, WA
  • General Ruby/Rails development
    Improvements to existing systems
    New feature development
    Synchronization systems
    Backend data mapping
    Infrastructure management design
Rails Developer
Rooster Park LLC
Contracted to Orcas Net
Seattle, WA
  • General Ruby/Rails development
    Improvements to existing systems
Software Developer
Moz, Inc.
(formerly SEOmoz, Inc.)
Seattle, WA
  • Social Explorer development
    Large scale data collection and collation systems
    Integration with Facebook and Twitter APIs
  • Metadata service development
    Multiple back-end services to provide central authority for user and campaign metadata
    Integration with legacy database, to maintain backwards compatibility with legacy website
  • General Ruby development
    Server provisioning and configuration tools
    Deployment automation scripting, including automatic host discovery
Rails Developer
Rooster Park LLC
Contracted to SEOmoz, Inc.
Seattle, WA
  • SEO tool creation and maintenance
    On-Page Keyword Optimization Analysis tool
    Keyword Difficulty tool
    PDF Report Generation
  • General Ruby/Rails development
    SEO tool creation and maintenance
    Standalone analysis tools
    PDF report generation
  • General PHP development
    E-Commerce integration with Infusionsoft
    Administrative tool creation
Rails Developer
Rooster Park LLC
Contracted to SEOmoz, Inc.
Seattle, WA
  • Rails-based URL analysis site
    Development of a stand-alone rails-based front-end for client API
    Integration with existing and new Linkscape APIs
    Development of client gem for Linkscape API
Lead Software Developer
Steampunk Conventions Inc
Seattle, WA
  • Rails-based convention management system
    Cart-based multiple-registration system using dynamically configured objects
    PayPal e-commerce cart integration
    Registration checkin system
Rails Developer
Seattle, WA
  • Rails-based online yellow pages system
    Scheduling system with dynamic calendar views
    Implemented security in a previously unsecured application
    Basic I18N
Rails Developer
(formerly PT Holdings)
Murrieta, CA (Remote)
  • Rails-based Electronic Medical Records system
    Deep Javascript for dynamic-HTML scheduling interface
    New functionality and bug fixes for patient documentation module
Senior Engineer
Website Core Services
PopCap Games
Seattle, WA
  • Design and implementation of core services
    Designed a new user authentication and authorization service
    Researched service architectures and proposed which Java application server to use
  • Tools Maintenance
    Improved performance and reliability of deployment management system
Tools Developer
PopCap Games
Seattle, WA
  • Tools Development
    Developed a custom deployment management system, handling multiple tiers and environments
    Developed a Customer Relationship Management application
    Developed a custom HR Information System, including employee data tracking and recruiting
    Built a company-wide intranet, including phonebook, blogs, rss readers, and HR tools
Web Development Engineer II/III
Seattle, WA
  • Web development
    Modified existing web templates and created new templates
    Worked individually and as part of a team to complete a wide range of projects
    Developed merchant-configurable templating mechanism for Registry system
    Localized Order Summary templates for international launch
    Refactored existing applications to interoperate more easily
    Managed branch reintegration and deployment for multi-site testing and deployment
    Led a small team of engineers to build a unified order-update pipeline
    Migrated international order-management systems to new platform
    Integrated Amazon Connect features onto Gateway and Detail pages
  • Software development
    Developed source code visualization tool for web developers
    Developed tools on top of Perforce to manage multi-branch merging process
    Developed tools to improve web developer efficiency
    Developed applications for data syncronization with external vendors
    Developed service layers for registries on
    Consulted in design of generalized service framework
    Consulted in design of generic registry service
    Developed API layer to access services from frontend templates
    Improved service API for order manipulation
    Developed tools for sanity checking and build-verification of front-end code
Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics
Department of Computer Science
Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences